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Holy Trinity Parish & School
110 Winsted Avenue West
PO Box 38
Winsted, Minnesota 55395

T (320) 485.2182
F (320) 485.4283

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Genevieve Dvorak (Class of 2015)

"Holy Trinity is a big family of students and faculty that are thrilled to accept new students. They made me feel truly at home."
- Genevieve Dvorak (Class of 2015)

John (Class of 1980) & Donna Stifter (Class of 1988)

"HT provided us an excellent level of instruction that prepared us for College. The college transition was easier because HT was not and we believe is still not a school that allows you to “sluff” off and get by. It is an education of a lifetime.”
– John (Class of 1980) & Donna Stifter (Class of 1988)

Mary Broderick (Class of 1956), Retired and Past President/CEO, Catholic Eldercare, Inc.

"Holy Trinity gave me a wonderful start, providing the educational and ethical building blocks that have served me my entire life. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who has insured Holy Trinity’s vitality over the years since its founding."
- Mary Broderick (Class of 1956), Retired President & CEO, Catholic Eldercare, Inc.

Allison Christensen (Class of 2012)

"Holy Trinity's small size made my education more hands-on and gave me opportunities I wouldn't have had at a larger school, like forming a student band and directing the spring play."
- Allison Christensen (Class of 2012)

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