Update of 7.16.2021

Dear Parents of Holy Trinity School,

Below is my bulletin letter (which I write on Tuesdays) for this weekend where I introduce you to two new members of our team! Next week, I plan to introduce you to two more.

Dear St. John Paul II Area Faith Community,

“Let’s Build Together”

As I have been mentioning, the excitement for our upcoming year is growing. Two key areas of the enthusiasm are our student growth and the new additions to our team. Our current enrollment is 152, an over 15% increase above where we ended last year with 129! With a handful of families looking into HT, I am hopeful that we will continue to add students throughout the summer.

In the last two weeks, I have introduced you to five new members of our team, and this week I will add two more. As I write this, the only position still open is our Kindergarten teacher position.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support! Remember, we pray for you, our benefactors, as a school every day.

God Bless,

Anthony Biese, Principal

Here is a message from our new P. E. teacher:

“Hello HT! My name is Tina Scherer, and I will be teaching Physical Education and high school Health this year. I live on a farm north of Winsted with my husband Joe, our two boys, Clifford and Luke, and Chase, our dog, as well as many cats, and cattle. We run over 100 acres of large and small grains as well as hay ground. We help with Winstock, and I help out at church cleaning and decorating wherever I am needed.

Going back as far as high school, I remember wanting to be a phy ed teacher, so I went to the U of MN and received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. I also received a coaching certificate because I wanted to coach volleyball or hockey at the high school level. I’ve coached volleyball for over 20 years, and now I am excited to start teaching many sports and games to a wide age-range of students as phy ed teacher.

My philosophy of teaching phy ed is the same as my coaching philosophy: Prepare students mentally and physically by teaching virtue as well as the physical skills needed to succeed, whether it’s in sport or life. Physical education should be an extension of classroom learning. The elementary students will play adding, subtracting and spelling games while learning how to move. Yes, how to move. You’d be surprised how many adults can’t skip! The junior high and high school focus more on sports and lifelong fitness because they have learned the foundational movements/skills to play sports. And there may be an algebra equation to solve for the older students…

I’m grateful to be working in a school where we can talk about our faith and teach the kids that God is in EVERYTHING we do, not just at Mass or in a religion class. I’m really excited and blessed to start this next adventure that God has given me.”

I am very pleased to introduce you to our new vice principal. He is a small business owner with his own construction company and has experience in teaching many subjects and as working as an administrator and board of directors member of a local Catholic classical school. He will be wearing many hats and a huge help to me as we grow and transition to a classical approach.

I couldn’t be more excited to bring on board Joshua LaFond. Let me tell you a little about him:

Joshua La Fond, 45, graduated from Magdalen College in 1998, and resides near Buffalo, MN with his wife and family. He is a carpenter, designer, and business owner, free-lance writer, artist, musician, bee-keeper, and gardener. He is also a teacher of several disciplines, catechist, choral director, and was one of the founders of Holy Spirit Academy in Monticello, MN. He has been a youth and religious education director, dean of students, assistant principal, family formation program director, holds a CNA certificate, and offers child virtue training insight and marriage counsel and coaching. But most importantly he is first and foremost a baptized son of God, best friend to his wife of nearly 22 years, father to nine children (three of whom have passed to the Merciful Hand of the Father), and most recently grandfather to his first grandchild!

Saturday Morning Surprises

Saturday Morning Surprises

I don’t normally come to work on a Saturday morning. Last Saturday I had a meeting at school, and as I was arriving, I noticed a dear alumnus pulling weeds. He did not want his picture taken or to be given any credit. What an awesome community! Thank you! Parents, if you want to earn some parent hours, there are more weeds to pull!My meeting was with a high school theology teacher working on his education doctorate at the University of Mary in Bismark. His dissertation is on Catholic high schools transitioning to a classical education approach. His research involves interviewing administrators who have experience in this area. Our 45 minute interview turned into over two hours! I had a blast!Beyond making Holy Trinity School thriving again, my goal is to help transform Catholic education in the US.One last note: I gave two more family tours today–one family even drove up from Lakeville when they found us on the internet!