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Celebrating the Continual Presence of Jesus Christ

Through the education of our youth and members, service to our community, and the spreading of the Gospel by living, loving, and serving God in the Catholic traditions.


As pastor of the Church of the Most Holy Trinity, I welcome you to Holy Trinity Parish and School's home on the web. Holy Trinity is a Catholic community of 1,200 households and 2,400 people in Winsted, Minnesota. Our community prides itself on its commitment to celebrating the faith in worship and passing on the treasures of our faith through Catholic education in our Preschool through 12th grade school system. We offer our members a wide range of opportunities to know, love and serve the Lord through participation in our programs, ministries and service opportunities. Now that you have found us in cyberspace, we hope that the information you find here will help you find us in the real world. If you are looking for a parish home or an excellent school for your children we would be happy to meet with you. Once again thank you for visiting our home on the web, and we look forward to meeting you here at Holy Trinity.

Rev. Anthony J. Stubeda

Our Humble Beginnings

The Beginning of the Road
The area, now called Winsted, began to be settled around the late 1850's. As early as 1863, quite a few Catholics were listed among the settlers of the area, mostly French Canadians and Germans. These Catholic Pioneers would walk to Chaska, a distance of about 30 miles (a day's walk) to make their Easter Duty, have their babies baptized, and to celebrate their marriages. Before the Rocky Run church was built in 1868, the parishioners would meet at the Martin & Catherine Sherman Sr. home for Mass, when a missionary "circuit rider priest" would come through.
Rocky Run Church
The Church of St. John the Baptist, better known as "Rocky Run" was the first Catholic Church in the area now known as McLeod County, built in 1868. The parish was served once a month by itinerant priests and was predominantly French Canadian. Within a year after Bishop Grace gave permission for the Rocky Run Church, German Catholic settlers south of Winsted petitioned the Bishop for permission to build their own church, which would become Holy Trinity.
More than Just Buildings
Holy Trinity Church and School is much more than buildings, our parish is a story of committed Catholics. The parish has been the central force, both spiritually and socially for thousands of residents of Winsted. Many parish societies and organizations have served the parish throughout the years, beginning with the St. Anne's Society in 1872, who serve the church by carefully and lovingly taking care of the church's linens and still are organized today. These societies have a twofold purpose - that of promoting the faith, devotion and prayer and that of mercy, service and charity.
School Starts
Formal Catholic School education began in the fall of 1883 and continues today with thousands of Holy Trinity graduates making their way prepared to succeed with a deepened faith life.
Current Church Built
Three different church buildings have served the parishioners of Holy Trinity; a chapel built in 1869, a second 25' x 90' church built in 1877, and the present building, 50' x 140' church built in 1886 of red brick and is one of the most substantial church buildings in the county.
Church Burned
The little Rocky Run church burned on an Easter Sunday sometime between 1921 and 1925. With the Holy Trinity Church and School well established in Winsted, the little Rocky Run Church came to an end. It was the Mother Church of Holy Trinity Church in Winsted.
High School is Expanded
The original high school was built in 1925 at the height of the Depression and is still in use, with a major addition in 1965.
New Elementary School Built
To continue the strong tradition of Catholic education in Winsted, parishioners broke ground on a brand new elementary in 2006.


  • Genevieve Dvorak(Class of 2015)

    Holy Trinity is a big family of students and faculty that are thrilled to accept new students. They made me feel truly at home.

    John & Donna Stifter(Class of 1980 & Class of 1988)

    HT provided us an excellent level of instruction that prepared us for College. The college transition was easier because HT was not and we believe is still not a school that allows you to “sluff” off and get by. It is an education of a lifetime.
  • Mary Broderick (Class of 1956)

    Holy Trinity gave me a wonderful start, providing the educational and ethical building blocks that have served me my entire life. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who has insured Holy Trinity’s vitality over the years.

    Allison Christensen (Class of 2012)

    Holy Trinity's small size made my education more hands-on and gave me opportunities I wouldn't have had at a larger school, like forming a student band and directing the spring play.


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