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Christ-centered Education Our High School

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Our aspects of education: spirituality, academics and student life

Life is a journey of faith, and Christ is the center of our lives. We believe that we are preparing each other to make a commitment to grow in spirituality, academics and personal life. This commitment begins at home, is reinforced in school, and continues as students prepare to meet the challenges of today's world. Our high school is a faith-based Catholic community of parents, students and educators dedicated to the values of Christianity in order to develop the whole person.

First, we strive to be a spiritually vibrant Catholic community confident in our faith. We are grounded in the values of honesty, respect for God, for others and for ourselves. Our community emphasizes personal responsibility essential to Christian life.

Second, we seek to provide an interdisciplinary, well-balanced education. We foster an atmosphere conducive to academic inquiry, the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. We create the best possible environment where individuals can become critical thinkers and life learners.

Finally, we have a commitment to student life. We believe the activities we offer encourage students to build relationships and become whole persons by teaching them the value and rewards of commitment and effort. Our activities are designed to help each student reach his or her individual level of excellence. As proof, our ACT scores are consistently higher than the national average and more than 97% of graduates go on to college or university.


  • Genevieve Dvorak(Class of 2015)

    Holy Trinity is a big family of students and faculty that are thrilled to accept new students. They made me feel truly at home.

    John & Donna Stifter(Class of 1980 & Class of 1988)

    HT provided us an excellent level of instruction that prepared us for College. The college transition was easier because HT was not and we believe is still not a school that allows you to “sluff” off and get by. It is an education of a lifetime.
  • Mary Broderick (Class of 1956)

    Holy Trinity gave me a wonderful start, providing the educational and ethical building blocks that have served me my entire life. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who has insured Holy Trinity’s vitality over the years.

    Allison Christensen (Class of 2012)

    Holy Trinity's small size made my education more hands-on and gave me opportunities I wouldn't have had at a larger school, like forming a student band and directing the spring play.


Tuesday 6:00 pm
Wednesday & Thursday 8:15 am
Friday 8:15 am
Saturday 5:00 pm
Sunday 9:30 am

Eucharistic Adoration

Tuesday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Saturday 4:00 pm and by appointment